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Through the dedication of Covia Team Members across our global operations, we have built a determined organization that is guided by our values and united under our shared belief in the power of long-term partnerships. Every day, we strive to foster a culture of performance and accountability – one in which we each understand the important role we play in ensuring a bright and sustainable future for our company, our customers and the communities we serve.

Through our Goals That Inspire we strive to make a positive difference in our communities by relying on our ability to understand their needs and then, do everything we can to help meet them. Our Team Members – each and every one – play a critical role in helping us meet these important objectives, and we are grateful for their ongoing dedication to ensuring Covia remains a responsible corporate citizen and welcome neighbor.

 Our Goals That Inspire: Positive Social Impact are centered around:

  • Ensuring the Health and Safety of Employees

  • Bettering Our Local Communities 

  • Expanding Sustainable Product Offerings

  • Building a Culture of Diversity & Inclusion

Below is each 2030 Social Impact goal along with the metrics for how we will measure success.  For full details about our established baselines, progress we have made and the strategy for our Goals That Inspire please see our 2022 ESG Report.

Goals That Inspire: Positive Social Impact

Ensure the Safety and Health of Team Members

  • Achieve year-over-year improvement in all-incidence rate for Team Members in support of our Safety First value and priorities.

  • Achieve year-over-year reduction in the number of Team Members potentially exposed to respirable silica through the hierarchy of controls.


Approach to S&H

Community Impact & Philanthropy

  • Donate $10 million in funds through the Covia Foundation

  • Contribute 50,000 paid or personal volunteer hours in communities where we live and work

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Expand Sustainable Product Offerings

  • Expand number and strengthen effectiveness of sustainable product offerings while fully articulating the inherent benefit of our products on the environment and society.

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Build a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

  • Increase the collective gender, racial and ethnic diversity of both Board Members and the Leadership Team to 40%, while continuing to cultivate extensive industry and subject matter diversity.

  • Drive continuous annual improvement in underrepresented talent across our workforce to reflect the local communities in which we operate and live.

  • Enhance organizational programming to support a culture of inclusion and foster a greater sense of
    belonging among Team Members.


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Highlights That Inspire

Prioritizing Safety and Health
Covia Cares Action Days
Enhancing Life
Celebrating Success

Throughout 2021, Covia’s cross-disciplinary COVID-19 Response Team (CRT) continued to adjust and enhance policies and procedures aimed at protecting the health and well-being of Team Members in offices, plants and remote environments. This included providing Team Members with information on where they could get vaccinated, supplying masks, procuring U.S. Food and Drug Association (FDA) approved rapid antigen tests for employees and their family members and incorporating COVID-19 updates and information in company communications channels.

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To further support impactful community engagement and encourage Team Member volunteerism, we launched Covia Cares Action Days in 2021. This initiative provides each Covia location the opportunity to dedicate at least a full workday to a volunteer effort or cause that is important to them. We were proud of the immediate adoption and engagement surrounding this initiative, and our facilities held a total of 12 Action Days in 2021.

Gabrielle Carpenter took this picture of the Independence Office's Action Day supporting the Cleveland's LAND Studio (City Side Garden). Team Members trimmed back daffodils, weeded and place 30 yards of mulch.  

Learn more about The Covia Foundation

Throughout our ESG journey, we’ve developed a portfolio of
products and services that support people and the planet,
including dust suppressant technology for worker safety and
health, glass-grade sand for sustainable packaging, micronized
silica for home insulation and sand for water filtration. While
many of our existing products improve everyday life, we are
continuing to look for ways to innovate further solutions that
contribute to quality of life.

Our product, MINBLOC® HC, helps protect plants and food, as it is an additive in creating the clear, protective film for greenhouses. 

One way we demonstrate and celebrate What We’re Made Of is by routinely recognizing the outstanding contributions of our Team Members. During Awards Week in early 2022, we celebrated our top performers and Team Members and plants that best exemplify our Covia Values.

Featured here is our President's Safety Award winner: Tlaxcala, Mexico.  They were honored for achieving the highest level of safety performance in all categories:

  • Zero lost-time incidents and zero reportable incidents

  • 100% on-time completion rate: incident investigation actions, dust-sampling and incident alert actions on time

  • Zero regulator or internal housekeeping citations