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Our mineral fillers enhance plastic and elastomer product performance.

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As a leading provider of mineral-based and material solutions, we offer a wide variety of customized products. Our distinctive technical and laboratory skillsets enable us to exceed expectations no matter how complex the problem. As growth in polymers continues, driven by the replacement of materials such as metals, ceramics and glass, our minerals are playing an increasingly important role in finding innovative solutions. We share the desire to making extraordinary things happen for all customers. We appreciate how science and technology open new pathways of progress. Working together with Covia’s polymer experts, our customers discover outstanding opportunities to leverage innovation in various plastic products to increase their utility and value.

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Aerial photo of highly modernized Covia canadian nepheline syenite plant with largest nepheline syenite deposit in NAM. Image shows extensive mine of nepheline syenite mineral.


We own the largest nepheline syenite deposit in North America with a comprehensive supply chain from the mine to the distribution network to your warehouse.  With robust growth in polymer applications, we are enhancing our strong supply assurance legacy by increasing capital investment in modernization of our northeast Canada nepheline syenite plant. This modernization in cutting-edge processes allows us to grow capacity, strengthen the supply chain while reducing our environmental footprint. Our recent investment advances Covia’s industry standing as North America’s leading mineral and materials solution provider with a continuing commitment to innovative solutions that increase your success.

  • The world’s largest nepheline syenite supplier with 50+ years of proven reserves
  • Strong supply assurance with increased capital investment


Covia’s coast-to-coast distributor network includes companies and staff who have multiple decades of polymer additive experience, an impressive group of professionals who are eager to share their knowledge with you. When you work with our distributors, you can rely on dependable, just-in-time delivery that provides definite cost advantages. By leveraging this flexible supply chain and local service, you get access to desired inventory quantities whether you need a pallet, truck, or railcar.

  • Access flexible supply chain, local service through our extensive distributor network
  • Lean on dependable, knowledgeable staff
  • Warehouse network accommodates just-in-time delivery for unexpected orders
Covia's distributor network extends coast to coast and this image shows distributor working hard to load pallets of Covia materials to customers relying on our dependable and timely delivery.
Finest quality image: Scientist in lab holding petri dish of bright white LUMINEX C ultrawhite durable filler made from nepheline syenite.


We have built our legacy on mineral processing so you can depend on buying the finest quality. Every order. Every time. We have a rigorous system that all Covia team members follow, based on their extensive training. Our rigid QIPSM statistical and quality assurance programs set us apart from the competition with proprietary mineral treatment processes, including strictly engineered particle size distribution and moisture control. This focused attention, critical with ultrafine, micronized mineral fillers, drives our performance each workday.


You can think of us as an extension of your R&D team. Our lab is your lab to enhance value by solving your manufacturing challenges and customizing polymer solutions, all part of the team’s day-to-day expertise. Here, in our lab, we continue to expand the knowledge base of nepheline syenite, microcrystalline silica, and air-floated kaolin to prove the technical advantages of our functional fillers compared to other minerals and to further your plastic product proficiency. 

WHC certified gold logo from the Wildlife Habitat Council showcasing Covia's conservation certification we have had since 1996 displaying how Covia shows an extensive social responsibility commitment to our team, customers, communities, and planet and our devotion to sustainable mining.


We conduct business responsibly because this is the only way to do business. Long before environmental, sustainability, and governance [ESG] was a fundamental corporate conversation, Covia was leading the way with a vigorous social responsibility commitment to our team, communities, and planet. This legacy continues in all business segments. For example, our Canada nepheline syenite plant (NSO) is the fourth-longest standing member of the Wildlife Habitat Council with gold certification beginning 1996. In addition to an environmental pledge, the staff donates time, talent, and funds to actively support our local communities.

Why Covia?

Achieve high performance and product consistency in flexible film, elastomers, thermoplastic composites, and color concentrates

Have piece of mind with quality monitoring systems designed to control and optimize mineral mining, processing and beneficiation

Rely on dedicated operations that precisely tailor particle size distributions and specific surface areas

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