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Keep it Flowing

Clean water and waste management are essential to a functioning society, which is why our goal is to support the organizations that make it happen.

At Covia, we offer water filtration media and gravel for wastewater systems, surface water and groundwater treatment that can be used in both personal and industrial applications. These processes are delicate, and require consistent precision, which is why we guarantee uniform chemistries, particle size distributions and performance attributes in our materials.

Happy and healthy children and family enjoying crystal clear clean pool water using AQUAQUARTZ pool filter sand for backwashing and filtering.

But we’re no stranger to fun. On hot days, nothing feels better than a refreshing dip in the pool, which is one reason why we also supply material for swimming pool filtration. Whether the pool is at the local community center or in a family backyard, our team of experts can provide products that ensure the filter doesn’t clog and the pool stays clear and beautiful.

Why Covia?

Keep swimming pools clean and crystal clear at lower maintenance cost

Optimize water well performance by reducing pumping costs, increasing hydraulic conductivity and extending well service life

Trust our four National Sanitation Federation (NSF)-certified plants

Use our minerals in residential, commercial and municipal applications

Products are packaged in the most durable 50-pound plastic bags that can be stored outside without UV degradation


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