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High-Performance Flooring

Every day, millions of travelers grace the floors of US airports. No ordinary floor could handle so much foot traffic! That’s why manufacturing of high-performance flooring solutions relies on precision blending of specific ingredients to create floors that are durable for years to come. 

Our Black Lab® Custom Toll Blending service offers a scalable solution for floor manufacturers to achieve desired performance with every batch.

Architectural Glass

Families awaiting departure find excitement at airport gates, where architectural glass is a portal of wonder, captivating young minds as they gaze in awe at the majestic aircrafts outside.

Silica sand is a major ingredient in the production of architectural glass. Many glass manufacturers rely on Covia to provide high-purity silica sand that delivers stable chemistry for consistency in their glass batches.

Cool-Roofing Solutions

Cool roofing isn't just about staying chill – it's a game-changer for the environment. By reflecting sunlight, slashing energy bills, and fighting urban heat, cool roofs are the ultimate eco-friendly solution.

Our new CRISTOBALEX™ ultra-white reflective filler has been engineered to deliver high solar reflectance for cool roofs with less weight and added durability to meet sustainable building requirements.

Silicone Rubber

Whether it’s providing electrical safety, enhancing temperature resilience, or maintaining durability in challenging environments, silicone rubber plays a vital role in keeping our journeys smooth and reliable.  It has unparalleled versatility, from insulating cables and seals in airplanes to providing thermal management solutions in electric vehicles.

Our HIFILL® N mineral filler is a non-crystalline silica filler option to enhance your silicone rubber’s tensile and compressive strength, making it ideal for the transportation industry.

Metal castings

Items manufactured by the metal casting process are all around us. Whether it's the sleek seating benches at the gate or the sturdy steel beams holding up terminals, metal castings ensure your journey to a long-waited vacation is not just possible, but safe and comfortable too.

Our INCAST® foundry sand is an essential ingredient that foundries use in making metal casting items. 

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