Crystal Clear Quality

From tiny beads to large sculptures, and from ordinary bottles to sophisticated lenses and optical fibers, the multiple uses of glass have transformed our world.

Covia offers a complete portfolio of low and ultra low iron silica sand, including crystalline silica, silica flour as well as feldspathic sand, nepheline syenite and kaolin.

Silica sand is essential to optimal glass production: the higher the purity of the sand, the more control you have over the strength, clarity, and color of the final product. Our extensive sand processing experience delivers consistent and predictable product chemistry so you can produce batches with limited variability.

Our specialized technicians are recognized across the industry for their knowledge and expertise in the glass market.

We recommend performance-driven solutions to complex quality issues regarding glass batch formulation and melting, and provide guidance based on extensive testing, customized for each analysis, in Covia’s proprietary state-of-the-art laboratory. Covia’s dedicated Glass Lab offers a variety of analyses of glass and batch materials, batch formulation and melting services, grinding and polishing, and heavy mineral refractory determination, among other capabilities.

Achieve Excellence in a Variety of Applications 

Today, glass continues to be used extensively for both artistic expression and practical applications ranging from micro-pipettes in the microbiology laboratory to cookware in the home kitchen and from automobile windshields to lenses for telescopes.

Glass Containers and Packaging

High-purity sand is easily customized to create any color, clarity, or degree of durability necessary for specific performance glass containers such as bottles, canisters, food and beverage storage, or industrial packaging.

Flat and Float Glass

Low-iron industrial sand is ideal for flat glass produced through the float process. These products appear in automotive manufacturing as windows and windshields, as well as in building construction and solar applications.

Closeup fiberglass using GLASSIL FS feldspathic silica used in flat, container, and fiberglass application with stable chemistry and low iron..

Glass Fiber

Industries such as roofing and transportation rely heavily on glass fiber that can withstand harsh environments. High-grade silica ensures optimum performance, down to the last fiber.

Glassware and Tableware

Whether entertaining or enjoying a nice home-cooked meal, your customers expect elegant and functional glassware. Our products help you achieve smooth, eye-catching pieces sure to please the most discerning hosts. 

Specialty Glass

Specialty glass, like the kind used for test tubes, scientific tools, incandescent and fluorescent lamps, and monitors, demands a delicate touch. Our consistent process keeps specifications tight to deliver superior performance.

Why Covia?

Achieve consistent glass batches

Reduce delivery cost by leveraging our extensive footprint of 23 North American plants supported by a comprehensive distribution network

Use our high-purity minerals for customizable applications

Increase production efficiency with expert technical collaboration


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