Assortment of glass bottles and glasswares in various colors and sizes created with PURESIL extra low iron glass sand for consistent batches


Extra Low Iron Glass Sand

PURESIL extra low iron glass sand is produced from high-purity, whole grain crystalline silica with a remarkably low iron content. Unique deposit chemistry is further enhanced by mechanical and chemical beneficiation to provide batch formulators with a consistent chemistry and iron levels consistently below 0.0090%.

All PURESIL grades are processed with rigid adherence to Covia QIPSM quality assurance programs to produce a chemically pure silicon dioxide source with a stable alkali constituent and only trace accessory minerals. PURESIL chemistry and consistency make it ideally suited for the processing and manufacture of decorative and table glass, fused and calcined silica, specialty glasswares and sodium silicates.

Features and Benefits:

  • Consistently uniform particle size distributions 
  • Statistically accurate removal of coarse and fine grains 
  • Uniform melt with lower energy requirements and greater control over batch economics