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Athletes pride themselves in striving for excellence. They push themselves to top performance levels, and hold themselves to the highest standards. It’s only fair that we do the same by supporting them with the highest-quality sand.

Covia works hard so your teams, families, and friends can play hard. We’ll take care of the field, so athletes can focus on victory.

Every Course, Any Level


Clean, pure white sand offers championship-level performance and enduring aesthetics in golf course bunkers, topdressing and construction, helping to attract new members and keep players coming back time and time again. Nearly half of the top 100 golf courses in the United States rely on Covia’s BESTSAND™ bunker sand to improve playability and provide consistent performance day to day, bunker to bunker.

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Set. Spike. Score.


A good volleyball court should play like the beach (or better) with clean, off-white, angular volleyball sand to give athletes secure footing, greater confidence, and improved safety. Our BESTSAND™ VB for volleyball courts drains well and resists both compacting and crusting to give athletes the firm footing they need for the perfect serve or spike while keeping court maintenance to a minimum.

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Powerful Strides


Whether the ring is for training, jumping, or dressage, the safety and performance of the horses is always the priority. Covia offers BESTSAND™ EQ: fully washed, high-purity subangular silica sand with the perfect combination of drainage and water retention to reduce dust and offer greater firmness compared with other equestrian options, helping to maximize the comfort of the horses and minimize false steps.

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The Pursuit of Excellence

Sports Turf

High-quality sports turf provides a safe, easy-to-maintain surface for everyday play, youth games, or all the way up to the pro level. Whether it’s the local park or a professional stadium, Covia’s BESTSAND™ sports turf solutions can improve the safety of the athletes and keep grounds crews happy. That’s why professional teams rely on Covia.

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Crayola Play Sand

Crayola Play Sand is clean and natural, non-toxic, and shines bright with durable color. We’ve partnered with WalMart locations across the United States to provide consumers with trusted entertainment for the young and young-at-heart. Filling the most popular sandboxes in the neighborhood, Crayola Play Sand is available in Itty Bitty Blue, Screamin’ Green, Royal Purple, and Tickle Me Pink.


Covia’s natural, clean, non-toxic, white, PREMIUM PLAYSAND™ is made from purely washed and dried quartz and prepared specifically for the retail environment. You can also sell this sand for sensory tables, crafts, horseshoe pits, and other sports and landscape applications.

Why Covia?

Rely on better surface performance and appearance with consistent texture and quality

Provide players with a superior experience while reducing maintenance costs

Coast-to-coast supply capabilities ensure fast, door-to-door solutions

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