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Deliver on Promise: How BESTSAND™ Drives Quality Results for Top Golf Courses

Deliver on Promise: How BESTSAND™ Drives Quality Results for Top Golf Courses

From tee to green, the sand you use can impact every shot on every hole at any level. Golf sand can improve the consistency and playability of tees, bunkers, and greens. Of course, that means that you need to find the right sand for your course.

For numerous golf courses across America, BESTSAND™ is that sand. BESTSAND has supplied the turf industry for more than 40 years, including 52 of the top 100 golf courses in the U.S. Between our top-quality sand and customer support, BESTAND has made a name for itself – but how does our sand go from our mines to your golf course? It’s time to break down how BESTSAND is made and why it’s a go-to golf sand for so many courses.

How BESTSAND is Made

Chardon plant

Not all sand is created equal. The minerals we mine are used for everything from sports and recreation to building products, but it takes the right location and process to produce championship-level golf sand for your courses.


Our locations

The process starts with mining sand at the right sites. Each quarry can have sands with different characteristics, so BESTSAND can only come from specific locations. These sites need to yield an angular sand that will adhere to steep bunker faces, firm up greens, and add to the aesthetic appeal of a course.

The good news is that Covia has several BESTAND plant locations to supply courses from coast to coast. We mine our golf sand from a number of different sites across the country, ranging from Chardon, Ohio, to Emmett, Idaho. These locations provide us plenty of golf sand to service the needs of the industry. In short, we aren’t running out of golf sand anytime soon.


The mining process

While quality golf sand starts with sourcing minerals from the right sites, it needs to go through the process of turning what’s mined into a course-ready product. This process starts with drilling and blasting rock from our quarries before crushing the minerals into smaller granules. Every grain of sand is screened and washed to remove any stones, organic materials, and more, while showcasing the natural white color of the sand.


Testing and quality control

Covia takes the extra step so that your golf sand is perfect from the start. Whether you need one of our SIGNATURE 500, 700, and 900 bunker sands or a custom blend, our experts work to ensure the quality of every BESTSAND product. We screen every grain before shipment to maintain consistency. We also custom blend construction mixes to meet your exact specifications, including certain USGA requirements for root zones.



Benefits of Working with BESTSAND 

Finding the ideal balance between aesthetics and playability can be a bit of a balancing act. BESTSAND allows golf courses to avoid choosing one or the other by offering the best combination of both, thanks to the natural qualities of our bunker sand, topdressing sand, and root zones mixes.


Visual appeal

Simply put, aesthetics matter for golf courses. BESTSAND is a clean, pure white color that will stand out amid the lush greens and fairways. Our golf sand is also built for enduring aesthetics, meaning that your bunkers will continue to look appealing during regular use.



Some sands are better at holding up to playing conditions and ongoing bunker maintenance than others. Unlike round grain sands, BESTSAND is angular. This characteristic makes it much firmer than other options. The added firmness makes our bunker sand a much more pleasant playing experience for all skill levels.


Reduced maintenance

Another added benefit of having angular sand is that it can drastically save on maintenance time and labor. BESTSAND is quick-draining to eliminate puddles and crusting issues. The angularity of our golf sand also makes it firm enough to reduce buried lies without regular daily maintenance. These qualities have saved several grounds crews countless hours and lots of effort, and have reduced costs for those managing the course.


Custom blending

We not only provide some of the best bunker sand in the golf course industry, we also address your specific root zone needs. Our goal is to meet your specific needs for your course, which is why courses across the country work with us to create custom root zone blends for their projects.

BESTSAND experts can work with courses and their soil consultants to test and create a solution to help them address specific challenges, from better playability to solving maintenance issues. Want to see how we can quickly deliver a special blend for a top golf course? Watch our video on how we helped Oak Hill Country Club develop the perfect greens mix for their course.



Covia Combines Quality Sand with Reliability 

Investing in the right golf sand is a mix of finding a high-performance product and the right people to help you create your course’s signature look. Covia can be your reliable, long-term partner who can keep up with your demand and deliver top-quality solutions.

We’ve been around for more than 80 years and will continue to supply golf facilities for years to come. Our reserves allow us to consistently Deliver On Promise by sustaining your projects all year with high-quality sand. Meanwhile, our multiple locations and distributor network allow us to ship to courses from coast to coast.

Ready to learn more about BESTSAND and why it’s trusted by the top 100 courses? Contact us today to talk to one of our experts about how we can support your facility.


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