Stacks of manufactured flat glass created using MATRIX feldspathic glassy phase promoters made from nepheline syenite.


Feldspathic Glassy Phase Promoter

MATRIX glassy phase promoters are produced from nepheline syenite, a naturally occurring sodium potassium alumina silicate. The higher total contribution of alumina, alkalis, and silicates combined with lowest possible levels of impurities make MATRIX an efficient and cost-effective means of lowering the melting temperature of the glass batch.

The lower melting eutectic of nepheline syenite permits batch engineers to lower the temperature at which liquid forms during firing or increase the rate of pull with the confidence of a thorough and complete reaction with other components.

In addition to its operating advantages, MATRIX will stabilize and strengthen container and flat glass, and produce clearer glass without additives or decolorizers in applications where color controls are critical. All MATRIX is produced with consistently uniform chemistries, size distributions, and top size controls for optimal performance in the glass furnace.

Features and Benefits:

  • Manufacturer stronger, more durable glass
  • High alumina content, lower iron, in-spec, consistent quality
  • No free silica and no silica-related safety issues