Rendering of grain of sand coated/treated with Covia's DST dust suppression technology as part of construction materials and building product companies' control plan to significantly reduce potential exposure to silica dust, creating a safer worker environment.

DST® Dust-Suppression Technology

Enhance Worker Safety

Construction materials and building product companies are choosing our breakthrough technology as part of their engineering control plan to significantly reduce potential exposure to silica dust.

We are committed to creating products and services that enable you to work with the highest professional and environmental standards. 

See DST In Action

This video is an air quality simulation showing a simultaneous view of untreated vs. treated sand with DST Technology. This demonstration shows how Covia’s DST Dust-Suppression Technology improves air quality and increases worker safety.

As part of our commitment to enhance safety, we’ll send you a sample at no cost.

Smiling worker in safety gear that is happy to be in a safer working environment due to use of DST dust suppression technology.

Construction Materials & Building Products

Enhance worker safety, increase production efficiency.

  • Significantly reduce potential exposure to silica dust
  • Increase time spent on production
  • Reduce plant, equipment cleaning downtime

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Glass Products

Reduce total airborne dust, produce the same glass batch.

  • Sand melting characteristics do not cause a significant change to your formula
  • The technical grade additive meets U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for incidental food contact

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Conveyer belt in glass factory of glass container bottles made with GLASSIL high purity glass sand that has been treated with DST dust suppression technology to provide less dust and a safer working environment in accordance to OSHA silica restrictions.
Rail way worker is working on rail road where TRACSAND traction sand that has been treated with DST dust suppression technology is being used on rail tracks to create a safer environment for the employee.

Road & Rail Products

Minimize the risk of silica dust exposure, achieve performance goals without disturbing operations.

  • Improve air quality throughout the entire manufacturing process
  • Rely on the additive's integrity regardless of number of transfers or amount of handling
  • Maintain current production process

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