Bundle of durable glass fibers created using SILEX glass grade ground silica sand made from industrial high quality quartz feed stock.


Glass Grade Ground Silica

SILEX glass grade ground silica is produced from high-purity industrial quartz feed stock. Consistently uniform chemistries, minimal levels of iron and other refractive elements, and statistical control of particle size distribution make SILEX ideally suited for the manufacture of specialty glass fibers and continuous filament production.

In the manufacture of glass fiber, SILEX provides a chemically pure silicon dioxide source with certified particle size uniformity and control of “coarse” grains to maximize the rate of pull from the furnace without an increase of unmelted stones which could interrupt or break the continuous filament. SILEX will combine immediately with other batch constituents and completely fuse in the glassy phase to effectively reduce melt energy requirements and produce a homogeneous batch to improve the draw through the bushings.

Features and Benefits

  • Chemically pure silicon dioxide
  • Particle size uniformity 
  • Minimal levels of iron and other refractive elements