High technology modern Covia Coating and Polymers laboratory showing lead  lab technician manager using twin extruder machinery to create pellets for use in plastics and elastomers markets.

Coatings and Polymers Laboratory

Our Coatings and Polymers laboratory is a fine example of the Covia culture of innovation. Our lab is your lab to develop a richer knowledge base about how our minerals interact with the polymers you use.

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Our lab is your lab

When you do business with Covia, you can think of our Coatings and Polymers lab as your lab. Our polymer experts are ready to collaborate with you to investigate how our mineral fillers can increase value in your products.



State-of-the-art laboratory equipment puts our mineral fillers to the test.

  • Investigating how Covia’s functional fillers perform in various polymer systems vs competitor’s minerals
  • Assisting with product testing to ensure a seamless transition from our lab to your customers


Covia’s polymer engineering expert and laboratory coordinator are creating remarkable concepts for polymer additives.

  • Advancing mineral fillers science
  • Performing various testing to develop tailored solutions to meet your needs
Our state-of-the-art laboratory

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