Ceramic batch house of unfired ceramicwares created with SPECTRUM high alkali ceramic flux with higher alumina made from nepheline syenite.


High Alkali Ceramic Flux

SPECTRUM ceramic fluxes are produced from nepheline syenite; a naturally occurring, silica deficient sodium-potassium alumina silicate. The higher total alumina and alkali contribution available from nepheline syenite produces ceramic ware with greater impact and flexural strength and improved resistance to the stresses of thermal extremes and mechanical shock.

The lower melting eutectic and increased fluxing power of SPECTRUM make possible body compositions which mature at temperatures as low as cone 3-5. It is the higher alkali to alumina ratio and greater chemical reactivity which accelerate the melt and promote a faster maturation. SPECTRUM will increase the rate of vitrification over a wider firing range, ensure smooth glazed surfaces even at lower temperatures and help to reduce the deformation typically encountered in fast fire cycling. When the objective is improved translucency, SPECTRUM will combine with and consume the available free crystalline silica to create highly translucent wares.

Features and Benefits

  • Made from nepheline syenite
  • Resistant to extreme thermal stress and mechanical shock
  • Low melt point and faster maturation
  • Ability to improve translucency