Scientist in lab holding petri dish of bright white LUMINEX C ultrawhite durable filler made from nepheline syenite.


Ultrawhite Reflective Filler

CRISTOBALEX™ is a specialty silica blend composed primarily of cristobalite, that is transformed from high quality spherical quartz grains, then micronized for enhancing coatings whiteness and performance. 

CRISTOBALEX powders offer unique attributes required to achieve the purest of color effects in ultrawhite applications and other brightly colored designs. Produced with large scale production, this filler provides ideal logistics and dependable delivery. 

Features and Benefits

  • >10 units higher in GE brightness than conventional ground silica
  • Lower yellowness (b*), producing cleaner colors
  • Low iron and impurities for greater UV resistance
  • Lower density for more bulking than conventional fillers
  • Titanium Dioxide extension opportunities based on high whiteness in high film build coating applications
Industrial commercial building with ultrawhite cool roofing created with use of LUMINEX C ultrawhite durable filler.
Traffic cone on ashalt next to reflective white traffic lines painted with paint utilizing LUMINEX C ultrawhite durable filler to achieve the purest of color effects.