Ultrawhite Reflective Filler

CRISTOBALEX is a specialty silica blend composed primarily of cristobalite (chemical formula SiO2) that is produced from high purity quartz grains, then micronized for enhancing the whiteness and performance of paints and coatings.

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Cristobalite is produced at very high temperatures from spherical quartz grains. Cristobalite’s crystal structure distinguishes it from the silica polymorphs of quartz. Our proprietary process transforms high purity quartz silica into a polymorphic mixture containing cristobalite, quartz and tridymite.

Cristobalite sands and powders are useful for industrial applications like cool roofing because they offer a high degree of brightness and durability. Our blend of cristobalite silica is engineered to deliver superior performance. CRISTOBALEX meets stringent standards for weathering durability, solar reflectivity, whiteness and opacity.


Cristobalite (polymorphic mixture consisting of crisobalite, quartz, and tridymite)

Product category:

Ultrawhite filler


Roofing and architectural coatings, road markings, sealants and adhesives

Exceptional brightness

Achieve > 10 units higher brightness (according to the TAPPI standard GE brightness) than conventional ground silica with CRISTOBALEX. Elevate your coatings to a new level of luminosity.

Cleaner colors

Our innovative formula yields coatings with lower yellowness (b* values) so that every shade has a purer, more vibrant appearance.

UV Resistance

Thanks to low iron and impurities, CRISTOBALEX offers superior UV resistance, extending the longevity of coated surfaces.


With a lower density compared to conventional fillers, CRISTOBALEX can reduce the weight per gallon of your coatings.

High peformance, high value

CRISTOBALEX enables opportunities for Titanium Dioxide extension, particularly in high film build coating applications.

American made

Covia, a trusted industry leader, takes pride in producing CRISTOBALEX, our premium cristobalite additive, in the south/central U.S. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities boast large-scale capabilities, ensuring that we can meet the demands of your projects, no matter the size.

Coolroofing Icons

Cool roofing

CRISTOBALEX meets the requirements for ASTM D6083 – Type II for Cool Elastomeric Roofs, making it a top choice for energy-efficient roofing solutions.

Coating Icons

Architectural applications

CRISTOBALEX is an efficient filler in paints and high film build coatings, including those used for exterior insulation finishing systems (EIFS).

Roadmarking Icons

Road markings

With high brightness and excellent UV resistance and weatherability, CRISTOBALEX is an ideal choice for paints used to mark roads and airstrips.

Sealantsadhesives Icons

Sealants and adhesives

CRISTOBALEX’s brightness combined with low density make it useful as a functional filler, adding body to adhesives, sealants and grouts. Achieve a perfect balance of strength and flexibility while enhancing the overall quality of your products.

Finest quality image: Scientist in lab holding petri dish of bright white LUMINEX C ultrawhite durable filler made from nepheline syenite.




Product overview: CRISTOBALEX advantages

CRISTOBALEX overview: CRISTOBALEX product sheet

Take Brightness to the Next Level with CRISTOBALEX

The graph to the left demonstrates how CRISTOBALEX showcases > 10 units higher in GE brightness than conventional ground silica and lower yellowness (b*).

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