Worker applying exterior coating that utilizes IMSIL microcrystalline silica filler to resist weathering and improve durability in abrasive or corrosive environments.


Microcrystalline Silica

IMSIL microcrystalline silica fillers are produced from an inert, naturally occurring alpha quartz with a unique grape-like morphology. Finer micronized grades are useful in formulating higher gloss paints and systems requiring controlled particle top size such as Industrial OEM topcoat coats and non-conductive inks. 

Intermediate size grades offer ideal and uniform gloss control for topcoats, coil coats and increased inter-coat adhesion between primers and topcoats.  Coarser grades offer high solids loading with low viscosity,  texture, anti-skid  and abrasion resistance in industrial floor coatings and exterior deck coatings.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily wetted and dispersed in either solvent or water-based systems
  • Gloss and Sheen control
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Inter-coat adhesion
  • Color and gloss retention over prolonged exposure