Local government system operator or employee management of waste water system using FILTERSIL sand and gravel for pressure filters for water filtration waste treatment for professional industrial handling and backwashing resistant to degradation..


Filtration Sand and Gravel

FILTERSIL filtration sand and gravel is produced from high-purity monocrystalline industrial quartz sand. FILTERSIL grades are engineered to perform in mixed media and pressure filters for portable water filtration and have been proven effective in industrial process water filtration and waste treatment. 

Our dense and durable sand is resistant to degradation during handling and backwashing. Extensive processing and sizing produce durable downhole media with uniformity coefficients. Our product creates a porous zone around the well annulus that expands the effective diameter of a well for increased hydraulic conductivity. Highly permeable FILTERSIL media helps reduce well drawdown to better equalize the rate of transmission with the pumping rate for an overall improvement of well efficiency.

Features and Benefits

  • Improve filter efficiency with optimized flow rates and reduced maintenance downtime
  • Optimize water well performance 
  • Reduce pumping costs, increase hydraulic conductivity and extend well service life