Approach to D&I

Covia is committed to embracing and promoting diversity and inclusion (D&I) where we work, with whom we do business and where we live. We strive to create an inclusive culture where diversity is valued and respected and where all feel included and engaged. We are genuine in our efforts to bring diverse Team Members together and create opportunities to contribute their unique skills, experiences and perspectives in the pursuit of Covia’s business objectives.

In the spirit of continually challenging ourselves to improve for the benefit of our organization, people, communities and society in general, Covia commits to:

  • Engaging our Board of Managers and all Covia Leaders on their critical role in fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment;

  • Leveraging our D&I Council to implement supporting activities and initiatives;

  • Providing learning experiences and resources for Team Members across all levels and functions of our organization;

  • Developing a talent pipeline to enhance the diversity of the organization;

  • Continuing the pursuit of educational, social and economic equality through the Social Equality pillar of our Community Investment Policy, which enables our Team Members to direct donations and matching gifts from The Covia Foundation, in addition to volunteer time, to local organizations that support these ideals;

  • Developing a diversity calendar to highlight cultural holidays, activities and community involvement opportunities;

  • Identifying opportunities to enhance Team Member retention and talent development through key D&I learning experiences and resources.

There are two main groups that work together to drive D&I efforts at Covia:

  • The D&I Council represents Team Members across our geographies, functions and organizational levels. This Council works together to further embed diversity and inclusion into our culture by implementing activities and initiatives to support Covia’s D&I goals and strategy.

  • Covia’s D&I Steering Committee is comprised of leaders who serve as sponsors and advocates of diversity and The role of the Committee is to oversee the Company’s D&I strategy, ensure successful implementation, and provide Council guidance.

Through Covia’s D&I journey, we embrace and celebrate the diversity of our backgrounds and experiences, and in turn, anticipate greater diversity in ideas and our decision-making processes. We believe this creates a better future for our Team Members and organization and further cultivates our reputation as an employer of choice and good neighbor in the communities we call home.