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Engineered stone countertops

Our LUMINEX™ ultrawhite mineral filler helps engineered stone manufacturers create countertops that look great and perform well.

Concrete resurfacer

GRANUSIL® high-purity silica sand adds traction to prevent slips around the pool area.

Exterior paint

Choosing a long-lasting exterior paint for your house is a must. Paints with our MINEX® functional mineral filler can provide extended durability in outdoor environments.

Composite decking

Composite decking never needs to be painted, stained or sealed. Our HIFILL® N functional mineral filler helps make that possible. It adds UV resistance and helps reduce surface wear in demanding applications.

Glass windows

Did you know that glass is made from sand? But not all sand is suitable for glass production, only high-quality silica sand like our products is up to the job.

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