Stacks of colorful ceramic pots and ceramicwares made using ceramic flux created with MAXUM sodium feldspar, created with high purity feldspathic feedstock and known for producing strong and stable ceramic pieces.


Sodium Feldspar for Ceramic Flux

MAXUM ceramic grade sodium feldspar is produced from a high purity feldspathic feedstock. Proven extremely effective in the production of traditional whitewares, MAXUM provides a consistently uniform source of alumina to speed the transition into the glassy phase during firing, and a higher total alkali content to combine with the available silica to strengthen and stabilize the finished piece.

A powerful and highly reactive flux, MAXUM will initiate at lower temperatures to improve impact and flexural strength, and increase resistance to the stresses of mechanical shock or thermal extremes. Low iron and high reflectance make MAXUM the natural choice to produce ultra-white bodies or bright, vivid colors without the need for opacifiers or additional enhancers. During firing, MAXUM will regulate the glaze melt viscosity for a smoother, more even glaze surface. MAXUM improves the tensile strength and coefficient of thermal expansion, and adds hardness, durability and brilliance to the finished glaze.

Features and Benefits

  • Produced from high-purity feldspathic feedstock
  • Consistent uniformity for a high quality finished piece
  • Facilitates high impact and flexural strength 
  • Regulates glaze melt viscosity for smooth, even surface finish