Vibrant, well manicured golf course featuring BESTSAND bright pure white bunker sands used by course superintendants.


Golf Sand

Our meticulously engineered top-quality sand and silica products have become legends of the industry, designed to meet golf facility needs. Several of the Top 100 Golf Courses in the U.S. are using BESTSAND golf sand — making Covia products the first choice of America’s best facilities. 


BESTSAND Signature Bunker Sand

We have three levels of BESTSAND SIGNATURE: SIGNATURE 900, SIGNATURE 700 and SIGNATURE 500.

SIGNATURE 900 - Manufactured by crushing silica stones, this angular bunker sand adheres to the steepest bunker faces, giving you the highest penetrometer reading for stable ball support, while still allowing for excellent playability. Superior quality, consistent texture, and white in color, SIGNATURE 900 provides the look and standard of play your golfers expect year after year.

SIGNATURE 700 - The name of the game for this bunker sand is versatility.  Created for championship play or the everyday golfer.  This bunker sand has the characteristics and ability to adapt to the playability your course desires.  Shot after shot achieve the desired firmness and consistency your players demand.

SIGNATURE 500 - This high-quality bunker sand delivers firm ball support and consistency season after season. An off-white color reduces glare and gives this sand a natural, premium look. Its consistent size, texture, and quality ensure long-term playability and quick draining to eliminate puddles and crusting.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced playability with consistent performance 
  • Clean, pure white sand
  • Enduring aesthetics in golf course bunkers
Vibrant white bunker sand with close up of golfer hitting golf ball with club.

BESTSAND TD Topdressing Sand

Our wide variety of topdressing sands keep greens, fairways, and tees healthier, more playable, and easier to maintain. Our high-purity silica sand is the perfect fit for frequent light brush-in applications to avoid disrupting play and amending your current root zone for better performance.

Sand with championship-level performance and enduring aesthetics is an important reason why country clubs and courses can attract new members.

Features and Benefits

  • Our state-of-the-art custom blending facility yields absolutely precise mixes that conform to USGA specifications for superior quality and playability
  • Combats pests and smooths sports turf
  • Maintain putting surfaces for firm, playable greens