Equestrian Sand

Equestrian arenas and tracks around the world have trusted the dependable quality of BESTSAND products. We exceed expectations through our determination to produce the highest-quality, cleanest equestrian sand.

BESTSAND™ EQ Equestrian Sand

You can rely on the uniform quality and firmness for superior arena footing with horse performance and safety being the priority. Our high-purity sand is a subangular silica sand that is highly consistent in particle shape and size, low in bothersome dust, and high in firmness underfoot. Thus, our sand maximizes the horse’s comfort, while minimizing false steps that can undermine its confidence. 

The physical properties of our sand provides adequate space between granules for water to drain efficiently away from the surface, yet retains adequate moisture requiring less frequent watering. 

Features and Benefits

  • Fully washed, high-purity silica sand
  • Reduced dust compared with other equestrian sands
  • Excellent surface 
  • Consistent firmness
  • Proper drainage and moisture retention