Premium Aggregate

BLACK LAB BLEND premium aggregate enhances epoxy flooring durability.  You will see and experience the durability difference with our proprietary product used in 1/4-inch trowel-applied floors.

Let’s look at the aggregate’s sand base, a combination of interlocking round and angular grains. We developed this base to yield remarkable compressive strength and to reduce the resin and hardener needed during installation. Altogether, these factors ensure the flooring durability you require.

With the rigorously engineered, custom additives, the application is smooth and easy with less drag and dust. This premium aggregate includes our exclusive DST™ Dust-Suppression Technology. The installation team will appreciate a renewed commitment to an improved working environment where the dust is significantly less than on jobs using a standard aggregate.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced durability
  • Smoother troweling
  • Seamless surface
  • Reduced dust
  • Color options​