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Covia is committed to meet or exceed environmental compliance requirements by creating a high level of environmental awareness, proactively managing environmental risks, promoting more efficient use of resources, encouraging wildlife and habitat conservation, maintaining strong stakeholder relationships, and protecting the land where we operate.


Covia will conduct business as a responsible corporate citizen by striving to:

  • Conform with applicable environmental requirements and industry standards;

  • Understand potential impacts to the environment and minimize risks and liabilities;

  • Operate sustainably; and

  • Be good stewards of the land under our care


Covia will endeavor to maintain and continuously improve an environmental management system that identifies regulatory requirements and tracks, monitors, and records adherence to compliance requirements. The environmental management system will utilize periodic compliance audits to proactively evaluate multi-media environmental compliance and identify improvements.

Pollution Prevention

Covia will endeavor to be a recognized industry leader of environmental stewardship and will promote continuous improvement and best management practices in our processes and procedures to minimize environmental risks and impacts.