Series of shell cores utilizing TECHNISAND TRUCOAT high performance resin-coated sand for core and mold casting systems that dramatically lower odors, smoke and emissions while still providing superior performance with high quality foundry sand.


High-Performance Resin-Coated Sand

TECHNISAND TRUCOAT® high-performance resin-coated sand is a core and mold casting system that dramatically lowers odor, in-plant smoke and other emissions while delivering superior performance. Our advanced resin-coated technology allows you to lower hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) by more than 41%; reduce free formaldehyde by 35%; and decrease free phenol levels 62% without sacrificing product quality. 

This innovative foundry solution, supported with outstanding customer service, offers greater productivity with less scrap. Best core surface density and uniform curing resulting in near-net shape casting and a lower cost-in-use. 

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce odor and in-plant smoke
  • Lower VOCs and HAPs
  • Decrease overall environmental footprint