Air Floated Kaolin

SNOBRITE air-floated kaolin is a natural ultrafine kaolin that is expertly engineered to offer numerous performance benefits. Kaolin enhances white extender pigments and fillers in a wide range of products, including paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, caulking compounds and mastics. SNOBRITE is particularly effective in systems where color is critical and offers scrub resistance, chemical resistance, brightness and hiding power.

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Product Overview

Kaolin is a soft white clay widely used in manufacturing products ranging from paper to porcelain. It naturally occurs as the mineral kaolinite, which has small hexagonal, platy crystals that appear flat and flaky. The mineral’s light-scattering properties mimic more expensive opacifiers, making SNOBRITE air-floated kaolin a cost-effective choice. In addition, it provides effective titanium dioxide spacing and is a cost-effective component for adjusting a product’s physical flow (i.e., rheology modifier) with natural plasticity and thixotropy.

In alkyd- and water-based coatings, the SNOBRITE ultrafine kaolin particle shape and particle size distribution contribute to improved film properties, including surface finish, permeability, scrub resistance and hiding power.



Product category:

Filler, extender


Sealants, adhesives, interior/exterior paints, industrial/marine protective coatings

Moisture barrier:

Kaolin is naturally highly adsorbent, so SNOBRITE air-floated kaolin provides an effective moisture barrier for your coatings.

Particle shape:

Kaolin’s natural platy particle shape provides semi-reinforcing properties, enhancing the strength and durability of your coatings.

Chemical resistance:

Achieve excellent chemical resistance in your coatings with our air-floated kaolin, ensuring long-lasting protection against corrosive elements.

Easy dispersion:

SNOBRITE’S properties ease dispersion, simplifying the incorporation process and saving you valuable time.

Rheology control:

Control your coatings’ viscosity and consistency with our air-floated kaolin, offering precise rheology control for optimal performance.

Opacifier/Titanium Dioxide extension:

Transform your coatings into brilliant and opaque finishes while extending the use of TiO2, thanks to the opacifying properties of SNOBRITE air-floated kaolin.

Sealants Icons

Sealants and adhesives

SNOBRITE is a game-changer in sealants, adhesives and grouts, adding chemical resistance, rheology control and facilitating titanium dioxide extension.

Interiorpaint Icons

Interior decorative paints

Interior paints benefit from SNOBRITE due to its ability to enhance stain resistance and suspension stability and allow for titanium dioxide extension.

Paints Icons

Exterior decorative paints

SNOBRITE excels in providing suspension stability for exterior decorative paints, ensuring a lasting and beautiful finish.

Marine Icons

Industrial/Marine protective and anti-corrosion coatings

SNOBRITE is a valuable addition to industrial and marine protective coatings, offering outstanding chemical resistance for enhanced durability and corrosion protection.

Woodvarnish Icons

Wood coatings

Wood coatings benefit significantly from SNOBRITE’s chemical resistance, ensuring longevity and durability.

Roadmarking Icons

Road markings

With high brightness and UV and chemical resistance, SNOBRITE is an excellent choice for road-marking paints.

Artistpaints Icons

Arts and crafts

SNOBRITE is a safe and compliant addition to hobby paints and colors.

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