Selection of beautiful earthenware and ceramicware using ROYAL kaolin slurry for the ideal mix of chemistry, reheology and particle size distribution.


Kaolin Slurry

ROYALE kaolin slurry is produced with refined and activated kaolins, making it ideally suited for the diverse and exacting requirements of chemical and industrial product formulation. An optimal mix of chemistry, rheology and particle size distribution, ROYALE arrives ready for use without additional processing, screening or aging. 

Excellent suspension and stability properties ensure controlled application rates and predictable results. A consistently uniform source of alumina and silica with good titanium contributions, these ROYALE slurries are employed as an admixture in latex and rubber compounding, and in chemical processing and refining. ROYALE is also used in the production of psuedo-ceramics, providing uniform coverage, color control and firing properties in the manufacture of colored roofing granules, building and construction components, and glazed industrial parts. All ROYALE grades are mined, processed and sized under rigid Covia QIP quality assurance systems for consistent performance in industrial processes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Arrives ready for use without additional processing
  • Excellent suspension and stability properties
  • Consistent, reliable performance