Bright, modern collection of ceramicwares, plates, bowls, mugs, and cups fired using PRESTIGE ceramic high plasticity clay for increased strength and plasticity, predictable properties, and moisture retention  for plastic forming and extrusion processes.


Ceramic High-Plasticity Clay

The PRESTIGE line of high-plasticity clay is designed to produce increased strength and plasticity in plastic forming and extrusion operations. PRESTIGE clays are easily dispersed in water for direct slip make down by blunging. They are ideal for blunging to slurries, filter pressing and extrusion, mulling prior to extrusion and spray drying. In all applications, the rapid pick up and equilibration of process fluids with these clays help minimize batching and blending time.

A complete range of PRESTIGE clay blends is available to achieve diverse formulation and processing objectives. Excellent suspension properties and rheological stability, compatibility with the complete range of fluxes and nonplastics, and white fired color affect both product and productivity. Their plastic properties over a wide moisture range produce bodies which can withstand the rigors of automated processing and handling without cracking or deformation.

Predictable formed properties, including moisture retention, firmness and strength, make PRESTIGE valuable components in body formulations ranging from decorative and table wares to electrical porcelain.

Features and Benefits

  • Increased strength and plasticity
  • Variety of blends available for diverse applications
  • Consistent moisture retention, firmness and strength