Modern ceramicware made using range of PREMIERE clay blends showcasing excellent plasticity and high strength.


Ceramic Pressing Clay

The PREMIERE line of pressing clays is designed to maximize performance in pressed and extruded ceramic processes. A composition of fine-grained kaolinite, illite, and quartz, these clays will produce excellent strength characteristics over a wide moisture range. The lower carbon containing materials typical of the PREMIERE line makes them ideal body components for fast firing. An absence of oxidation sources also means minimal disturbance to glazed surfaces, in either single or twice fired processing. The consistency of these clays will provide excellent control over thermal expansion, dimensional accuracy, and fired color.

A complete range of PREMIERE clay blends is available to achieve diverse formulation and production objectives. Higher potassium content grades will deliver optimum firing behavior over a wide temperature range, and can be used to produce compatible glazes and frits. High strength grades meet the exacting requirements for the production of large format tile, while providing consistent fired color. The PREMIERE line is ideally suited for ceramic processes which require excellent plasticity, including dinnerware, floor and wall tile, and electrical porcelain.

Features and Benefits

  • Fine-grained kaolinite, illite and quartz
  • High strength over a wide moisture range
  • Minimal disturbance to glazed surfaces
  • Consistent, with excellent plasticity