Surface-Treated Functional Filler

MINEX (nepheline syenite) surface-treated functional filler was developed to enhance the already proven properties of MINEX. MINEX ST surface treatments can enhance chemical and stain resistance, washability, adhesion, weatherability, optical clarity and a wide range of other mechanical properties.

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Product Overview
MINEX functional filler in powder and coarse grain made from nepheline syenite

The angular particle shape and low surface area of MINEX nepheline syenite give coatings easy dispersibility without any treatment. In MINEX ST, however, the MINEX silicate surfaces are homogenized further to ensure optimal hydrophobic balance and dispersibility in both aqueous and solvent systems. MINEX ST grades are easily dispersed in a wide range of advanced resin systems. MINEX ST particles couple well with acrylic, epoxy and phenolic resins, among others.


Nepheline syenite

Product category:

Functional filler


Coatings, adhesives and sealant systems


As regulations increasingly call for reduced exposure to crystalline silica, low silica fillers and extenders like MINEX ST are preferred for coatings and functional fillers. Analysis confirms that all MINEX ST grades contain undetectable levels (less than one-tenth of one percent) of crystalline silica.


MINEX ST technology can be applied to any MINEX grade.


Compatible with an increasing number of waterborne resins, MINEX ST offers self-cross-linking technology.

Improved dispersion:

MINEX ST is easily dispersible in both solvent and waterborne systems.


MINEX ST has the same optics, handling, sheen control and color acceptance as MINEX.

Cost efficiency:

As a pigment extender in paint, MINEX ST can increase the pigment volume concentration (PVC) while maintaining premium performance.


The nepheline syenite in paints with MINEX ST increases washability and ease of stain removal in premium interior flat paint formulations.

MINEX ST is available in multiple grades to enhance performance in coatings, adhesives and sealant systems. This makes MINEX ST ideally suited for the following applications:

Aerospace Icons

Aerospace coatings

MINEX ST helps aerospace customers develop coatings solutions that provide faster processing times, excellent durability and the application of thinner films to save weight.

Marine Icons

Marine protective coatings

MINEX ST enhances the chemical and acid resistance, protects against corrosion and improves weatherability in marine coatings.

Autopaint Icons

Automotive finish coatings

In car finishes, MINEX ST provides abrasion, scratch and chemical resistance, increasing the longevity of coatings, even in extreme weather conditions.

Interiorpaint Icons

Interior and exterior paints and primers

MINEX ST can significantly increase the overall mechanical properties in super-durable wall paints and increase washability and ease of stain removal in premium interior flat formulations.

Sealants Icons

Sealants and adhesives

In sealants and adhesives, the inclusion of our surface-treated functional filler significantly bolsters chemical resistance, ensuring the longevity and integrity of bonds and seals, even in harsh environments.




MINEX ST overview: MINEX ST product sheet

Regulatory compliance overview: Safety & regulatory brief

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