Beautiful bright white modern engineered stone countertop manufactured with LUMINEX ultrawhite filler for superior truetone white and color consistency.


USA-made Ultrawhite Filler

LUMINEX is a silica-based, ultrawhite filler containing a high level of cristobalite that provides the powerful combination of reducing the costs of finished products and achieving consistent, higher whiteness. LUMINEX is manufactured in a high-capacity plant in the central U.S. Proximity of raw materials, manufacturing facility and large inventory assures dependable, just-in-time delivery and provides definite cost advantages. 

LUMINEX is produced from very pure, high quality sand. The high-purity raw material with low iron content, combined with consistent process control, delivers excellent hardness, chemical resistivity, and optical properties. 

Features and Benefits

  • Consistent, higher whiteness
  • Receive orders in just days via truck or rail 
  • Reduce working capital 
  • Less-angular grains pack together tighter, possibly reducing resin demand and improving workability