Microcrystalline Silica

IMSIL microcrystalline silica fillers are produced from an inert, naturally occurring alpha quartz with a unique grape-like morphology. We produce several grades of IMSIL, which impart different properties to paints and coatings. Finer micronized grades are useful in formulating higher gloss paints and systems requiring controlled particle top size, such as industrial OEM topcoat coats and non-conductive inks. Intermediate size grades offer ideal and uniform gloss control for topcoats, coil coats and increased inter-coat adhesion between primers and topcoats. Coarser grades offer high solids loading with low viscosity, texture, anti-skid and abrasion resistance in industrial floor coatings and exterior deck coatings.

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MINEX functional filler in powder and coarse grain made from nepheline syenite

IMSIL is made from alpha quartz, the most common of the silica polymorphs and the most stable form of solid silicon dioxide at room temperature. It is highly inert to strong acids and bases, and when microcrystalline quartz is used as a functional filler, this property gives paints and coatings chemical resistance. Alpha quartz crystals resemble grape-like clusters that are easily dispersed in water- and solvent-based formulations. The crystals’ consistent surface area allows uniform oil absorption. Microcrystalline silica fillers and extenders also add resistance to abrasion to coatings and are useful in industrial applications.   


Microcrystalline silica

Product category:

Functional filler, extender


Interior and exterior paints, industrial and marine protective coatings, roof and floor coatings, wood coatings, road markings, sealants and adhesives

Easily wetted and dispersed in either solvent- or water-based systems:

Control your coatings’ viscosity and consistency with IMSIL microcrystalline silica, offering precise rheology control for optimal performance.

Gloss and sheen control:

In glossy paint formulations, IMSIL can help achieve and control the desired level of gloss and sheen. It provides a smooth and reflective surface, enhancing the overall visual appearance of the paint.

Superior chemical resistance:

Achieve excellent chemical resistance in your coatings with IMSIL microcrystalline silica, ensuring long-lasting protection against corrosive elements.

Inter-coat adhesion:

Attain outstanding adhesion between primers and topcoats with IMSIL.

Color and gloss retention:

IMSIL enhances color and gloss retention, even over prolonged exosure to environmental factors, ensuring a vibrant and glossy appearance over time.

Interiorpaint Icons

Interior decorative paints

IMSIL adds many valuable qualities when used as a paint filler for interior blends. These include ease of tinting for deep bases, scrub and stain resistance, gloss control and burnish and blocking resistance.

Exterior decorative paints

In exterior decorative paints, IMSIL grades can be used to improve UV resistance, ease of tinting and resistance to yellowing, efflorescence and rain marking. Finely micronized grades of IMSIL are useful in formulating high gloss paints, ensuring a lasting and beautiful finish.

Marine Icons

Industrial/Marine exterior applications

IMSIL is a valuable addition to industrial and marine protective coatings, offering outstanding chemical resistance for enhanced durability and corrosion protection. It enhances protection from abrasion, UV damage and chemical damage.

Coolroofing Icons

Roof coatings

Incorporating IMSIL microcrystalline silica filler into roof coatings not only enhances UV resistance but also significantly boosts the reflectivity of the surface, effectively reducing heat absorption and extending the lifespan of the roof.

Floorcoatings Icons

Floor coatings

When used in floor coatings, IMSIL provides a dual benefit by greatly enhancing both abrasion and scratch resistance, as well as chemical resistance, ensuring long-lasting durability and protection for high-traffic areas.

Woodvarnish Icons

Wood coatings

In wood coatings, IMSIL delivers improved chemical resistance, clarity, gloss control, and superior stain resistance, enhancing the finish quality and longevity of wood surfaces.

Roadmarking Icons

Road markings

With high abrasion resistance and UV and chemical resistance, ISMIL is an excellent choice for road-marking paints.

Sealants Icons

Sealants and adhesives

In sealants and adhesives, the integration of IMSIL microcrystalline silica filler greatly improves resistance to chemicals, offering enhanced durability.

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