Natural Ground Barium Sulfate

HIWHITE®-B micronized barite fillers are produced from dense, naturally inert white barite ore. Due to its chemical inertness and high density, high-quality barium sulfate paint filler improves the volume, consistency, viscosity and workability of paints and primers

HIWHITE-B fillers are particularly effective in strengthening and densifying maintenance and industrial coatings, automotive paint systems and OEM powder coatings.

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Product Overview

Barium sulfate, also known as the mineral barite, naturally occurs as a rhombic crystalline solid known for its high specific gravity (4.5 g/cm3). Due to the mineral’s exceptionally low absorptive properties and controlled particle distributions, HIWHITE-B is an ideal filler to increase loading levels without adversely affecting viscosity.

Barium sulfate pigment extenders provide good brightness and reflective values and the opportunity to maximize color strength and intensity with only small pigment additions. Moreover, barium sulfate is chemically inert and resistant to acids, which means it doesn’t react with other paint ingredients or environmental factors, ensuring the longevity of the painted surface.


Barium sulfate

Product category:

Functional filler


Primers, sealers, topcoats, industrial and marine protective coatings, automotive refinishing, powder coatings, exterior paint, sealants and adhesives, floor coatings.

Superior hardness:

HIWHITE-B imparts a lustrous, matte finish to paints, enhancing their covering power and durability.

Color stability:

With added barium sulfate, paint using HIWHITE-B achieves good brightness and reflectivity. This offers the opportunity to maximize color strength and intensity with only small pigment additions.

Topcoat “Holdout”:

Barium sulfate in coatings enhances both gloss and semigloss formulations for a flawless and consistent surface appearance.

Low viscosity:

HIWHITE-B is an ideal filler to increase loading levels without adversely affecting viscosity.

UV resistance:

HIWHITE-B adds durability to exterior paints and coatings due to its excellent UV resistance. With barium sulfate, colors stay brighter longer.

Chemical resistance:

Due to its natural chemical inertness, barium sulfate uses in paint and coatings extend to applications where resistance to solvents and acids is desirable.

Topcoat Icons

Primers, sealers and topcoats

HIWHITE-B Improves performance in industrial and OEM primers, sealers and topcoat systems.

Marine Icons

Industrial/Marine protective and anti-corrosion coatings

HIWHITE-B imparts UV, chemical and acid resistance and protects against corrosion in marine and heavy-duty maintenance coatings where durability and chemical insolubility are critical.

Autorefinish Icons

Automotive refinishing

Its contribution to product density, sanding and finishing properties makes HIWHITE-B ideally suited for automotive body patching compounds.

Powdercoat Icons

Powder coatings

Barium sulfate in coatings provides several valuable attributes. As an additive in powder coatings, HIWHITE-B can be used to enhance gloss control, UV resistance, anti-corrosion properties and chemical resistance while adding density.

Exterior decorative paints

HIWHITE-B plays a vital role in enhancing the UV resistance of exterior decorative paints, safeguarding surfaces from the damaging effects of sun exposure, and preserving their vibrant appearance over time.

Sealants Icons

Sealants and adhesives

In sealants and adhesives, the inclusion of our barium sulfate filler significantly bolsters chemical resistance, ensuring the longevity and integrity of bonds and seals even in harsh environments.

Floorcoat Icons

Floor coatings

Enhance the longevity and chemical resistance of your floor coatings with HIWHITE-B. Discover the secret to durable, high-performance surfaces that withstand the toughest challenges.

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