Ceramic whiteware, enamel, glaze, pots using CERASIL high purity ceramic silica ceramic bodies to reduce shrinking and add plasticity.


High-Purity Ceramic Silica

CERASIL high-purity ceramic silica is produced from high purity crystalline silica feedstock for the formulation and manufacture of ceramic whitewares, enamels and glazes. 

When incorporated in ceramic bodies, CERASIL will reduce shrinkage during drying, increase the body’s coefficient of thermal expansion, and help add plasticity to the finished product. CERASIL reacts during firing with other formula constituents to develop a lattice-like structure that strengthens the body while providing an exit for evolved gasses.

In ceramic glazes and enamels, CERASIL will help regulate the melting point and control melt viscosity. The infusion of silica in the glaze will decrease its thermal expansion and improve the glaze to body fit for greater craze resistance.

Features and Benefits

  • High-purity crystalline silica
  • Strengthens the product’s body 
  • Regulates the melting point and controls viscosity 
  • Reduces shrinkage during drying