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Profiles in Innovation: Jordyn Richmond

Profiles in Innovation: Jordyn Richmond

Each member of the Covia Team plays a key part in our success. With 2022 coming to an end, we want to take a moment to celebrate some of the amazing employees that continue to drive our company forward. As Lead for Covia’s Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions Reductions team, Environmental Engineer Jordyn Richmond is helping to maximize our strategy towards achieving an annual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 20% on a per ton basis.

Earlier this year, Covia publicly announced its 2030 Environmental Stewardship goal, which includes three objectives:

  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions
  • Protect Essential Water Supply, and Preserve
  • Restore and Improve Biodiversity

“Each goal involves a steering team comprised of individuals from different departments and our operating facilities,” Jordyn explains. “This helps to give people ownership of how we move forward with accomplishing the goals.”

In addition to a wide range of skill sets and voices supporting these goals, Jordyn notes that Covia will hold innovation competitions to gather new ideas about how to accomplish its 2030 Goals that Inspire. This approach will support GHG emission reduction efforts, and rewards for the winners will encourage friendly competition. Jordyn also appreciates the opportunity for cross collaboration.

“It has been a special opportunity to work with those who are in different departments I may not have crossed paths with before,” she shares. “Hearing ideas and perspectives from a diversity of positions has helped us to find a way forward with implementing solutions that make sense for Covia.”

In addition to being personally rewarding, Jordyn appreciates the overall importance of her role on the Environmental Team. She is especially mindful of the impact of Covia’s plans on the environment.

“Now more than ever, consumers have been asking about companies’ sustainability — and rightfully so,” Jordyn says. “People want to do business with a company who is cognizant of their impact on the environment and can demonstrate they are taking long-term action to reduce their footprint. This indicates that the company also believes it is important to preserve natural resources for the future.”


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