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Profiles in Innovation: Caryann Bruce

Profiles in Innovation: Caryann Bruce

Each member of the Covia Team plays a key part in our success. With 2022 coming to an end, we want to take a moment to celebrate some of the amazing employees that continue to drive our company forward. Through Covia’s Emerging Leaders Program, Business Development Manager Caryann Bruce is energized and excited for her future career path at Covia.

The Emerging Leaders Program is one major way that Covia is investing in its employees. The program is designed to create new educational opportunities to internally develop employees into leaders and help them grow professionally.

“My manager is very forward-thinking and supportive; I really appreciate as a professional that I am respected, supported, and have had the freedom to grow my role and evolve my department,” Caryann shares. “It is exciting when your employer allows you to use your skills and allows you to affect positive change in your work environment.”

Caryann says she was honored to be selected for the Emerging Leaders Program. In October, at the program’s final event, Cary and her project team presented a proposed strategy on how Covia can create a culture of innovation around reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In preparation for their presentation to the executive and senior leadership teams, Cary’s team took a deep dive into Covia’s company culture.

“I feel that this process has invested me in building a better Covia and exposed me to different ideas and issues outside of my own role,” Caryann says. “It has shown me that Covia is serious and focused on building a better future for myself and others.”

According to Caryann, investments like the Emerging Leaders Program are not only an excellent learning opportunity, but also critical for retaining talent. She highlights the notable amount of talent at Covia as a major positive and notes that interacting with all the other participants in the program is highly rewarding.

I truly believe by investing in employee growth, we create a culture where employees thrive and flourish. It is that feeling of having value and being valued that creates a foundation for psychological safety and true leadership,” she explained. “Skills can easily be taught – integrity, accountability and drive are more inherent qualities that are really hard to replicate. By investing in our talent who have the right core values, we can teach the skills necessary.


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