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Covia Announces Price Increase on Industrial Products 6.28.21

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, June 28, 2021 – Covia, a leading provider of mineral-based
and material solutions for the industrial and energy markets, today announced that the
Company will implement a price increase in July 2021 of up to 15%, depending on the
product. The increases, which will apply to all industrial segments, will partially offset
extraordinary cost increases across several categories including energy, steel,
packaging (wood and paper), transportation, resins and additives.


About Covia


Covia is a leading provider of diversified mineral solutions to the oil and gas, glass,
ceramics, coatings, metals, foundry, polymers, construction, water filtration, sports and
recreation markets. The Company serves its Industrial customers through a broad
array of high-quality products, including high-purity silica sand, nepheline syenite,
feldspar, clay, kaolin, resin systems and coated materials, delivered through its
comprehensive distribution network. Covia offers its Energy customers an unparalleled
selection of proppant solutions, additives, and coated products to enhance well
productivity and to address both surface and down-hole challenges in all well
environments. Covia has built long-standing relationships with a broad customer base
consisting of blue-chip customers. Underpinning these strengths is an unwavering
commitment to safety and to sustainable development, further enhancing the value that
Covia delivers to all its stakeholders. For more information, visit



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