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The Covia Foundation: How Covia is Driving Community Engagement Forward

The Covia Foundation: How Covia is Driving Community Engagement Forward

At Covia, we believe that when our communities thrive, everyone benefits. To us, our commitment to the communities in which we live and operate goes beyond just our implied corporate responsibilities. To be a welcomed neighbor and have a positive impact we must always remember to live our four Clearly Covia Values – Safety First, Be Different, Deliver on Promise and Act Responsibly.

To uphold these values, Covia established The Covia Foundation in a concentrated effort to drive positive civic initiatives forward through cash grants, in-kind donations and volunteer opportunities. The philanthropic efforts of our Team Members have resulted in more than 6,000 volunteer hours, almost $1.1M to local communities and over 12 Covia Cares Action Days, which are dedicated times designed to mobilize Team Members behind the concept of giving back.

The Covia Foundation strives to actively address public interests early in the permitting process by engaging in community dialogue and embracing transparency to help determine innovative ways to meet a specific community’s needs. For that reason, all the investments of time, talent and financial resources that are made by The Covia Foundation are aligned around four pillars:

Environment To reinforce our organizational commitment to community engagement, Covia supports various initiatives and activities that protect natural habitats, encourage conservation of natural resources and respect the ecological order.

Health & Wellness Healthy people mean healthy communities – and the health of Team Members as well as the community is important to Covia. To that end, the Company supports programs and initiatives aimed at advancing health and human services.

Education Covia aims to support local communities through targeted investment in education. We regularly review requests from primary, secondary, private and public schools in the areas in which we operate as well as institutions of higher education to find innovative ways to support their educational efforts.

Social Equality In an effort to remain committed to improving Diversity & Inclusion, Covia provides support for all people’s civil rights, freedom of speech, property rights and equal access to social goods and services. To address and respond to these drivers, we support requests that promote equality.

A significant world event that falls within the framework of these four ideals has captured the attention of Covia and our Team Members.

We are deeply saddened by the current events unfolding in Ukraine, and while we do not have facilities or colleagues located there, we do have deep connections to countless individuals that call Ukraine home. It is for this reason The Covia Foundation and our Team Members are committed to advancing humanitarian aid efforts that can directly support the citizens and communities of Ukraine as they bravely fight for their freedom.

The Covia Foundation has approved $5,000 grants to both Project HOPE and the Red Cross to assist in aiding the Ukrainian people during this time of crisis. In addition, The Covia Foundation is extending our organizations Matching Gifts Program and will be providing all Team Members with additional Foundation matching gifts - above and beyond the current 1:1 match of $1,000.

“We hope to make the world a better place by giving back to the communities in which we live and work,” stated Brian Richardson, Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer.

Covia’s commitment to supporting Ukraine is one we hold with great conviction. We are all witnesses to the strength, resilience and patriotism of the Ukrainian people as they continue to be an inspiration for the world.

For more information about The Covia Foundation please contact Kristin Lewis at

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