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Covia’s Director of ESG Shares Driver Behind New 2030 ESG Goals

Covia’s Director of ESG Shares Driver Behind New 2030 ESG Goals

Covia is committed to being more than just a leading provider of high-performance mineral and material solutions for the Industrial and Energy markets. We believe that through our Covia Values—Safety First, Be Different, Deliver on Promise, Act Responsibly—we can make a positive difference for our Team Members, the environment and our stakeholders.

This year’s report, to be released in late May, will mark Covia’s 18th consecutive year of corporate responsibility reporting. New in 2022 will be the introduction of the 2030 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments which apply the Core Values as a framework to inspire significant action across the organization. Natalie Eglinton, Director of ESG at Covia, recently shed some light on these initiatives, as well as how Covia plans to drive these goals forward in the coming years:

ESG is a relatively new term for all industries, but the concepts of it have been around since the 1960s, just going by different names:  Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability, and Social License to Operate. Covia has a long, robust history in this arena and evidence of it can be seen from our safety records, to how our mines and plants are constructed and maintained, to the reclamation projects we complete, as well as how we engage with the communities in which we live and operate.

Covia has always had aspects of ESG incorporated into our business strategy, but something new for us is our long-term goals, which will be announced in May. Last year, Covia completed a detailed analysis to fully understand what was important to our various stakeholder groups - Covia Team Members, communities, customers and investors. This information was the basis for our 10 focus areas. For each area, we constructed a long-term goal that we are committed to accomplishing by 2030. These goals will further demonstrate our commitment to our stakeholders and hold us accountable for making positive changes. We will provide annual updates on our goals through our website and Corporate Responsibility Report.

I am proud to work for Covia, a forward-thinking, innovative company, focused on ESG, which also happens to have the best group of Team Members. I am thankful I get to work with this group every day, see their passion for these goals and know that, together, we are making a positive impact. 

Covia’s ESG initiatives position Covia to be an even stronger partner, dedicated to being a good neighbor for generations to come.

In late May, Covia will be releasing our 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report. Follow our social media pages on Facebook and LinkedIn as we highlight the report findings and share valuable insight around this year’s report theme, ESG.

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