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DST™ Dust-Suppression Technology

Enhance worker safety by significantly reducing silica dust

DST™ Dust-Suppression Technology enhances worker safety by significantly reducing potential exposure to silica dust. This technology, which began as a collaboration with a customer who asked us to create a treated sand aligned with stricter OSHA regulations, is gaining significant momentum. Roofing, glass, construction materials and building products companies are choosing this breakthrough technology as part of their engineering control plan to significantly reduce potential exposure to silica dust. 

These companies have confirmed the dust-suppression integrity with multiple in-plant trials. Significantly, these production trials match Covia's internal R&D air quality simulations, which we simplified for you in the video.

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Covia DST™ Dust-Suppression Technology Gaining Significant Momentum with Industry-Leading Companies...
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See Air Quality Simulation Video

Construction Materials & Building Products

GRANUSIL®DST™ Treated sand

Enhance worker safety, increase production efficiency.

  • Significantly reduce potential exposure to silica dust

  • Increase time spent on production

  • Reduce plant, equipment cleaning downtime

Glass Product Manufacturing


GLASSIL®DST™ Treated sand

Reduce total airborne dust, produce the same glass batch.

  • Sand-melting characteristics should require no change of your batch formula

  • The additive meets U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for incidental food contact

Road and Rail Construction


TRACSAND®DST™ Treated sand

Minimize the risk of silica dust exposure, achieve performance goals without disturbing operations.

  • Improve air quality throughout the entire manufacturing process

  • Rely on the additive's integrity regardless of number of transfers or amount of handling

  • Maintain current production process

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Road & Rail

We are committed to creating products and services that enable you to work with the highest professional and environmental standards. DST™ Dust-Suppression Technology is the latest product that furthers our mission.