Clarity Grade Antiblocking Additives

The MINBLOC MC series of additives is made from microcrystalline silica and provides a high purity and inertness making MINBLOC MC a perfect candidate for use in medical device films and pharmaceutical packaging applications.

MINBLOC® MC Series Clarity-Grade Antiblocking Additives

Ideal for PET, LLDE, LDPE and other clear or opaque resin and film applications, MINBLOC MC possesses an ideal natural crystal size of two micron for a mineral antiblock.  This, combined with the easy friability of larger particulate agglomerations promotes good dispersion in the resin and leads to its excellent antiblocking efficiency.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent antiblocking efficiency
  • Relatively low surface area
  • Minimizes absorptive losses
  • Promotes good dispersion in the resin