Antiblocking Additive

MINBLOC® HC plastic film additive offers high clarity, superior haze, and gloss in packaging grade flexible films. Produced in Tamms, Illinois, it has excellent antiblocking performance without diminishing critical structural or mechanical properties.

Due to its low surface area, low porosity and a non-reactive chemistry, MINBLOC HC additives will not interfere with light stabilizers nor absorb other process additives. 

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent antiblocking performance
  • Won’t diminish structural or mechanical properties
  • Non-reactive

MINBLOC® MC Clarity-Grade Antiblocking Additive

The MINBLOC MC clarity-grade antiblocking additive is made from microcrystalline silica and is ideal for PET, LLDE, LDPE and other clear or opaque resin and film applications. 

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent antiblocking efficiency
  • Relatively low surface area
  • Minimizes absorptive losses
  • Promotes good dispersion in the resin