Automotive worker applying industrial automotive paint powder coating created using HIWHITE ground barium sulfate fillers that strengthen and provide chemical insolubility.


Natural Ground Barium Sulfate

HIWHITE®-B micronized barite fillers are produced from dense, naturally inert white barite ore. Existing as polymorphous crystals in a rhombic structure HIWHITE-B fillers are particularly effective in strengthening and densifying maintenance and industrial coatings, automotive paint systems, and OEM powder coatings.

Chemically pure and resistant to solvent and acid attack, HIWHITE-B is an excellent filler in marine and heavy-duty maintenance coatings where durability and chemical insolubility are critical. With exceptionally low absorptive properties and controlled particle distributions, HIWHITE-B is an ideal filler to increase loading levels without adversely affecting viscosity. Good brightness and reflective values also offer the opportunity to maximize color strength and intensity with only small pigment additions. Its contribution to product density and sanding and finishing properties also makes HIWHITE-B ideally suited for automotive body patching compounds.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior hardness
  • Color stability
  • Topcoat "holdout" characteristics in both gloss and semigloss formulations
  • Low viscosity
  • Improved performance in industrial and OEM primers, topcoat systems​