Construction roofer worker applying sealant and adhesives with HIFILL calcium carbonate filler for whiteness and cost effective high performance.


Calcium Carbonate Filler

HIFILL calcium carbonate filler is produced from a uniquely occurring, high brightness calcite feedstock. With exceptional whiteness, HIFILL is ideally suited for use in brightly colored and contractor-grade trade paints and masonry coatings. 

Available in a range of particle distributions and packing configurations, HIFILL offers versatile filling options and cost-effective performance in a broad range of liquid and powder coatings. The low oil absorption of HIFILL can help maximize loading levels in either water or solvent based systems with only minimal impact upon viscosity.

The appearance and functional properties of HIFILL provide reinforcement in filled PVC plastic and rubber applications and impart whiteness and opacity to adhesives, sealants, stuccos, and caulks. Formulators use high HIFILL loadings to reduce raw material costs while enhancing the mechanical, optical, and extrusion properties of their compounds.

Features and Benefits

  • Versatile filling options 
  • Excellent whiteness and opacity in adhesives, sealants and caulks 
  • Cost-effective performance in contractor grade trade paints and stuccos
Construction worker applying contract grade paints and coatings to residential doorway and windows.