Enhanced Well Completion Solutions

Next-Level Performance

Covia offers a variety of enhanced well completion solutions including additives, activators and diverting agents to keep your well performing at its best.

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Additives and Activators

Our additives and activators improve strength and prevent structural weakening. Using our specially formulated activators, you can control proppant flowback and minimize embedment while increasing conductivity for better well performance at any temperature.

Diverting Fluid Agents

Covia’s diverting fluid agents induce re-completion by going down into the well and sealing off the fracture to restimulate the formation. With our BioBall products, you’re able to deliver fluids efficiently, allowing you to control the effective time of sealing, diverting and zonal isolation. 

Why Covia?

Flexible options for low to high temperatures

Maximized grain-to-grain bonding forms a lattice in the fracture to control flowback

Increases compressive strength and prevents strength retrogression

Field-proven in vertical and horizontal wells for 20+ years

Dissolve in aqueous fluids

Performs in temperature ranges from 75-300℉