Approach to ESG

At Covia, we are committed to being more than just a leading provider of high-performance mineral and material solutions – we believe that our company can make a positive difference in the world.  This belief is what drives our environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy, which is influenced by both our journey as an organization and the events in the world around us.  

Our ESG strategy is built upon our Covia Values – Safety First, Be Different, Deliver on Promise and Act Responsibly – the foundational elements of our culture and behaviors. These values are embedded at every level across our organization, from our Board of Managers and Senior Leaders to our employees at all our global sites – and guide what we do every day.

Our ESG efforts are centered around three pillars:

  • Environmental Stewardship – We commit to fostering sustainable, responsible initiatives to keep our planet’s water, air and land clean for generations to come.

  • Social Impact – We ensure our employees have a safe work environment with opportunities to grow and improve. We also recognize that we are more than just a company; we’re a part of our communities, and our Covia family takes pride in that connection. 

  • Responsible Governance & Ethics – We value sound corporate governance practices, a sustainable business model, and conducting business activities ethically.

Each pillar identifies focus areas that are material to our business and stakeholders.  Long term, actionable 2030 Goals have been developed to support each focus area and takes into account the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

As our strategy continues to evolve, we will further identify and integrate emerging best practices.  It is through our 2030 ESG Goals that we are driven to always be better and create a positive impact for the benefit of our people, our planet and our many communities.