Covia (KO-vee-ah) is a leading provider of minerals and material solutions for the Industrial and Energy markets, with a broad array of high-quality products and the industry’s most comprehensive and accessible distribution network. To deliver shared success and a sustainable future, we have harnessed the power of long-term partnerships – built on integrity, reliability and an innovative solutions mindset.

Industry-Leading Advantages:


  • With a footprint of more than 50 plants, 94 operating terminals, access to all major Class One railroads, and over 3,000 employees, we are the largest solutions provider in the industry.
  • We lead the industry in capacity (36M tons of proppant capacity and over 50M tons of total capacity) and over 1.4 billion of reserves.
  • Our employees carry tremendous breadth and depth of experience that allows Covia to play a leadership role in our industries in areas such as safety, sustainable development and technical innovation.

Product Breadth

  • Our wide geographic coverage provides access to minerals of varying kinds and grades.
  • Our products range from raw minerals to highly engineered products like resins, custom blends, resin coated sands, Propel SSP and DustShield™.
  • Our portfolio features a range of minerals that serve a wide range of customer needs at competitive costs.
  • Our broad product portfolio serves a diverse array of end markets, including oil and gas, glass, ceramics, metals and castings, sports and recreation, construction and filtration.

Logistics and Distribution

  • With over 50 plants and 94 operating terminals, many of which are unit train capable and access to all major Class One railroads, we offer unmatched access and optionality with proximity to every major shale play.
  • More than 50% of Covia’s throughput terminal capacity comes from unit train capable facilities.
  • Covia’s logistics network extends into trucking and vehicle transportation solutions across North America.
  • We offer the ability to leverage plant locations and terminal in the Permian Basin to reduce logistics costs for customers.

Technical Expertise and Innovation

  • Covia’s mine planning expertise produces a longer-lasting, more consistent supply of minerals.
  • Our technical leadership spreads across many areas including coating, micronization, testing and custom solutions and processing.
  • Covia has the industry’s largest portfolio of resin coated products.
  • Our technical capabilities and broad market platform offer great opportunities to leverage innovations across markets.

Diversity and Resiliency

  • Covia’s geographic, product and end-market diversity creates great opportunities for stability and growth.
  • With 40% of our volume in a variety of Industrial markets, and 60% in Energy, Covia is a more diversified company that can quickly adapt to shifting market demand.
  • The Industrial business segment offers a resilient profitable base and stable cash flows throughout business cycles, which complements the strongly positioned, but more volatile proppants segment.


  • Covia has a rich history, continuing to build upon the legacies of two leading organizations each formed in the 1970s.
  • We are an organization that serves over 2,000 customers, many of whom are blue chip, across Industrial and Energy markets, with over 75% of tonnage sold to a contracted customer base.
  • Our senior leadership team has extensive industry experience, creating an advantageous combination of subject matter expertise and operational excellence.