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Covia Operating 20 Foundry Sand Mines and Plants

Foundry industry’s only vertically integrated supplier

ATLANTA, April 27, 2019 – Covia is showcasing solutions from its 20 foundry sand mines and plants at CastExpo at the Georgia World Congress Center April 27–30, the Company announced today. Covia is the foundry industry’s largest sand supplier and, with resin-coated sand and resin technology, the only vertically integrated offering. As a total solutions provider, this business model allows customers to access the essentials that enhance operational efficiency.

The strategically located mines and plants, supported by an expansive distribution network for cost-effective shipping, produce material solutions that enable first-class castings. Foundries that work with Covia are achieving superior performance to advance their professional reputation by reducing defects and improving quality. At the same time, they are decreasing odor, in-plant smoke, volatile organic compounds, and hazardous air pollutants with Covia’s resin products while increasing throughput.

Many customers rely on the technical team, which has extensive hands-on experience, to work out tough production problems, in addition to collaborating with the team to develop customized solutions. Covia’s collaborative approach to solving problems elevates the foundry experience.

Customers also depend on the Company’s 50+ million tons of annual production capacity with 1.3 billion tons of reserves. As part of this capacity, there’s a steady flow of INCAST® foundry sand, one of the industry’s leading brands of high-purity round and subangular grains. The round-grain hardness results in lower attrition that decreases dust while improving sand reclamation.

INCAST foundry sand is one of the leading products the team will be talking about in booth 1825 during the trade show, the first CastExpo as Covia. The Company was formed in June 2018 with the joining of Fairmount Santrol and Unimin.

“We’re proud to introduce the expanded value that Covia brings to the foundry industry,” said Kelley Kerns, director of foundry Sales. “We continue to drive innovation with technical and logistical solutions that sustainably enhance our customers’ operational efficiency.”

Covia also continues to set the standard for environmental compliance, which is a legacy of the standards set for both Fairmount Santrol and Unimin. This legacy is based on meeting or exceeding regulations with health, safety, and ecological concerns as the priority.

About Covia

Covia is a leading provider of minerals and material solutions for the Industrial and Energy markets, representing the legacy and combined strengths from the June 2018 joining of Unimin and Fairmount Santrol. The Company is a leading provider of diversified mineral solutions to the foundry, glass, ceramics, coatings, polymers, construction, water filtration, sports and recreation markets. The Company offers a broad array of high-quality products, including high-purity silica sand, nepheline syenite, feldspar, clay, kaolin, lime, resin systems and coated materials, delivered through its comprehensive distribution network. Covia offers its Energy customers an unparalleled selection of proppant solutions, additives, and coated products to enhance well productivity and to address both surface and down-hole challenges in all well environments. Covia has built long-standing relationships with a broad customer base consisting of blue-chip customers. Underpinning these strengths is an unwavering commitment to safety and to sustainable development further enhancing the value that Covia delivers to all of its stakeholders. For more information, visit

Dave Reavis
Director of Communications