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Covia DST™ Dust-Suppression Technology Gaining Significant Momentum with Industry-Leading Companies

Breakthrough technology reducing potential exposure to silica dust during product manufacturing

LAS VEGAS, February 4, 2020—Covia announces today that DST™ dust-suppression technology is gaining significant momentum with industry-leading companies that use whole-grain silica sand in their manufacturing processes. These companies—committed to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards—are choosing the breakthrough technology as part of their engineering control plan to reduce workers' potential exposure to silica dust. Covia will be demonstrating the power of DST technology during the World of Concrete at the Las Vegas Convention Center February 4–7.

This simple dust-suppression solution minimizes the risk of silica dust exposure—regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)—throughout the manufacturing supply chain where the sand’s fine airborne particles can be generated. Industry-leading companies that manufacture building products, roofing, glass, and construction materials have confirmed the technology’s dust-suppression integrity with multiple in-plant trials. These production trials match Covia’s internal R&D air quality simulations. 

During the production trials, these companies also confirmed the dust-suppression integrity, regardless of the number of transfer points or amount of handling. The technology offers wider air quality improvement unlike mechanical or isolation dust control methods that are limited only to the areas where equipment is installed. With the engineered, transparent additive that does not affect sand flow properties, the companies do not have to change their manufacturing operations.  

“We’re committed to developing cost-effective solutions, such as DST technology that began as a collaboration with a customer who asked us to create a treated sand aligned with stricter OSHA silica dust regulations,” said Bryan Aown, vice president of Industrial Marketing for Covia. “We appreciate the opportunity to innovate with our customers who are including DST technology as a part of a multifaceted platform solution to reduce workers' potential exposure to silica dust.”

The Covia Industrial team will be presenting a live simulation of DST dust-suppression technology in South Hall S12919 during World of Concrete.

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Matthew Schlarb

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Bryan Aown
VP, Industrial Marketing